Monday, January 25, 2010

Panama Update 2

As I was walking the halls of the hospital today I was trying to narrow down which story I wanted to tell tonight...Not an easy task let me tell you, but I finally figured out which one it would be!

***So New Year's Eve was by FAR my favorite day of our days in the village of Montelirio. We were throwing a New Year's Eve party for the village complete with pinatas, games, and serving dinner for the village. Well there had been some initial mix up on what time the party started and so my little group got to go out to all the huts in the village and inform the that we were starting at 4 and not noon...we had lots of other planning and organizing for the party so we were ONLY going to tell them the time change and praying at the huts my group had visited the day before. WRONG. God had much bigger plans for that day, including 11 people accepting Christ on our little stroll that day :) One of the houses that stuck out to me was one we had been to before and shared the evangecube with but not to the 3 girls who were there that day. After chatting with them for a little bit we asked if they had accepted Jesus as their Savior and they said no, but they wanted to! Great! We asked if anyone had shared the cube with them or if they had heard about salvation. They said no one had talked to them but they had been coming to the meetings in the evenings and had been learning about God and Jesus. Apparently that was enough for them :) We spent another hour with them sharing the Gospel and making sure they knew why they needed a savior and the whole time Moises was sharing you could just tell that they got it! It was soooooo cool. In this village and culture if their were men around then the women would repeat the prayer silently and the men would pray out loud with us. However with these three women there were no men around and when they prayed all three of them prayed with such strength and desire...not gonna lie, I teared up a little :) ***

Moises, one of our local contacts, sharing the Evangecube (a picture cube that has images that go along with the gospel) with the women in the story above :)

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