Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cali Reflection- Finally...

I thought it might be good to rewind and explain why I was in Cali, just in case you didn’t know or forgot. The program is a joint project of Campus Crusade for Christ and the Medical Strategic Network which is a network of Christian medical professionals. The program is for all types of medical students: doctors, nurses, physical therapists, dentists, pharmacists, etc. We spent 4 weeks being trained in caring for our patients spiritually. We learned to take spiritual histories in order to identify spiritual needs, to listen beyond what the patient was saying to identify laments of the soul, and how to pray with patients and share the gospel with them. We shadowed Christian doctors who were already practicing spiritual care so we could see what it looks like and from week one we were thrown into the hospital talking to patients.

Talking to patients was scary and cool all at the same time but it was great to practice what we were learning. I got to talk to patients all over the spectrum spiritually from “pre-christians” to really strong Christians who encouraged me with their testimonies and faith. I’d love to share more specific stories but in the interest of not overwhelming this post I’ll just let you ask me about them J It was really cool to see how our career is our ministry and that patients not only need spiritual care, but many of them want it and were more than happy to talk to us!

Whenever we weren't in the hospital or shadowing doctors we had lots of speakers who shared with us about their journey in whole patient care or topics that focused on strengthening our walks such as reading the bible with intent, discipleship, cultivating God honoring friendships and relationships, and lots more. There was so much information and I'm grateful for all of the mature and wise Christians there who were just completely open to pouring into us and sharing what they know. I miss everyone so much now it is a bit ridiculous!!!

It was an amazing four weeks that I hope doesn't end now that I am home but whose lessons and friendships will stay with me for a lifetime!

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