Friday, July 31, 2009

A Night to Remember...and laugh!

Ok, so I was suppose to do a California reflection in my off week. Yeah...not so much. I'm still very much processing California and missing everyone dearly so I think I will put that off until I return from Jamaica. I will leave you with some amusement though just so that you won't be disappointed ;)
For "A Night to Remember" in California the men on the preceptorship sent all the women on a scavenger hunt, cooked us dinner and some amazing desserts, and wrote each of the ladies a song! Mind you there were 6 guys and some 20 ladies, so they put quite a bit of work into all of this and we all appreciated it very much. They also taught us about the names of God, took us on a stroll to watch the sun set over the mountains and presented each of us with a white rose after we were serenaded. I know, aren't they awesome!?!?
Here is a video of some of the guys singing my song to me! I couldn't help but laugh the whole time :) It was doubly special for me since they took the time to write it in Spanish!

A few more pictures from A Night to Remember...

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