Thursday, September 23, 2010


You never realize how important words are till you don't have them...

While I've been in DC I've been going to National Community Church and right now they are in a series called Words. I hadn't really though much about the concept until yesterday.

Yesterday was my first time at Bible study in spanish. I got an email on Tuesday that we would be going over the first 4 chapters of proverbs for our first meeting. Not bad right? Well, 4 chapters can seem like an epic novel when you're reading it in your second language. But I got through it and was even able to learn and hear God speak to me through my rusty spanish.

Then came Bible study. There were so many things the Lord had shown me and that I wanted to share and engage with the group. But there was a lack of words. Not knowing one word can wreck a sentance, shake confidence and interrupt a train of thought. But one word can also be powerful and can encourage and uplift and strenghten.

I'll have to be more careful about the words I choose from now on...

****Miles: 29.5!!!!!!****

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