Saturday, October 2, 2010

What NOT to do in DC

So DC is filled with countless museums, parks, all forms of history, art and all sorts of cool stuff. But of course my most memorable experiences thus far have had little to do with any of those. So instead of the DC must sees and dos, I thought I would provided you with a list of what not to do. Of course these are all from the wisdom of my personal experience…

1. Do not pack 3 suitcases if you are traveling by yourself. Why? Because you have 2 arms.
2. Do not book your SuperShuttle from the airport for the wrong day. You get to wait an extra hour and pay for it twice.
3. Do not walk 2 miles uphill with your groceries. No matter how fit you are, this is just obnoxious.
4. Do not use the word "fun" w/o careful discretion especially when doing HIV counseling
5. Do not take the metro with people who walk faster than you/ are more aggressive than you. You will end up standing on the wrong side of the metro door.
6. Do not rely on other people to know where you are going even if you are traveling in a group. See #5.
7. Do not walk on a bridge, in the rain, when there are cars. You will get covered with water.
8. Do not show up to work soaking wet. See #7
9. Do not plan air travel w/o knowing how far the trip is to the airport. You will miss your flight.
10. Do not forget your metro card.
11. Do not try to take the bus w/o correct change because they don't give change.
12. Do not forget to brush your teeth after every meal if you have braces (or in general). Things will get stuck in them and ruin conversations with cute guys.
13. Do not get proposed to by a random guy at Au Bon Pain whose pick up line is "You look like you like to eat"
14. Do not get proposed to by one of your patients

And my personal favorite:
15. Do NOT pass out in the elevator at work during your first week. Cause that my friends is just a fail.

I hope this list will help steer you away from my mistakes and will make any future trips to DC that much more enjoyable :)

***Miles: 52.5!!!***

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