Tuesday, January 11, 2011

For Personal Use?

So in packing for Panama the pharmacy portion of the team was responsible for carrying the over the counter meds for the team. I ended up with about 70lbs of vitamins, supplements, creams, etc packed in my 4 bags. One of my bags was purely meds, a scale, and toys for the kids and a extra tent.

Going through customs was super nerve racking because there was a definite possibility that they could confiscate all the meds I was carrying or worse. So we prayed over the bags and got in line. Well as we were going through customs everything was going smoothely 4/5 of us made it through with no problems. They only asked to open one bag. My bag. My bag with 30lbs of meds in it….

I was chatting with the guy before he asked to open my bag and as he opens it he sees all of these huge bottles of vitamins, etc. I can see in his eyes that he is torn because he doesn’t want to see what he does. So he pulls out a 500 count bottle of Calcium/Vitamin D. My heart drops.
“Caaal-CEE-UM…for personal?” He asks
“Um, yes?” I squeek, praying so hard I’m sure it counted as my daily workout
“Ok” He says zipping the bag back up, “Enjoy Panama”
I grab the bag, still in shock and scurry away and start breathing again.

Thank you Jesus!

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