Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cali Week 2

Hello world (or world that is interested in what I'm up to any way)!
I have been the definition of busy since I've been in California so if you've been wondering why I haven't talked to you, well there it is.
Quick update between activities... (I like to number things, work with me here)
1. I'm having a great time just getting to know everyone here. It's an amazing contrast between here and Costa Rica and being surrounded by people who are just totally in love with God. Yay!
My small group. They pretty much rock :)

2. I've gotten to talk to some really interesting patients and have been pushed, in a good way, beyond what I thought I was capable of even only after a week and a few days.

3. Did I mention I love it here?

4. I miss spanish soooooooo much. Le hecho de menos :(

5. I have some pretty awesome people at home that I miss terribly. (My house church, my pi phi girls, KK, KR, name a few.)

6. God is teaching me a LOT this summer. I'm learning more about who He is and who I am and I love it. Not always easy but I'm very greatful for the lessons.

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