Saturday, June 20, 2009

Life Lessons Part 2!

You know you love them :)

8. You can't stream anything online outside the US. Apparently the US is very posessive of it's ability to watch free television online once you leave the country. I may or may not have had a mini meltdown when I realized that I couldn't finish watching the season finale of Grey's. I eventually broke down and bought it on I-tunes. Fail.

9. Never plan to walk somewhere if you don't know how to get there or at least a general direction from where you are. Because you guessed it you will get lost and have to ask random strangers where to go and prob end up taking a taxi because you have proceeded to walk 6 blocks in the opposite direction.

10. If you thought starbucks was bad ponder this drink for a moment: Iced coffee, condensed milk, chocolate sauce in the cup, a slice of chocolate cake (nope, you wish I was kidding), and ice all blended together with a mountain of whipped cream, chocolate sauce on top. Take that weight watchers.

11. If your room floods in a hotel. Rest assured, "It happens" and that's pretty much all the sympathy you will get

12. Taking a shower in Costa Rica is like doing the hookey pookey. You get a very small stream of water that may or may not be hot and has very little pressure. You have to pretty much wet one body part at a time to get clean.

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  1. Omg Helena I love you for this!!! Lol!!!

    Number 9...yeeeeeaaahhh about that...

    Number 10...diabetes in a cup.

    Number 11..."The sign should say, 'Welcome to Hell, Helena.'"

    Number 12...I'm totally taking a hot pressurized shower tonight, heck yeah!