Monday, June 8, 2009

Monkey Business

Sooo...remember when a monkey tried to steal my backpack this weekend? Yeah, it happened. They had told us before that we were going to a rainforest that is right on the Pacific coast so we could have some beach time. We also got the customery warning about not leaving stuff unattended because someone could steal it. Oh yeah and watch out for theiving monkeys and raccoons. What!?!

So of course of the whole group I'd be the one to experience this right? Right. Most of the people had gone to another beach and I'm just hanging out in the ocean enjoying the waves when I see the small group of people that are left have congragated about 20 ft from my stuff and there is a monkey standing at my backpack! So what do I do? I yell of course. So I start screaming "That's my bag! Somebody get the monkey!!!!" Lol, luckily a combination of my screaming and the other people turning around diverted the little thief. That's when I decided my time at the beach was over.

This is the culprit. He was jumping on a trashcan after he ran away from my bag. I think he was angry at his foiled plan. That or he was making a distraction for his other monkey friends to steal stuff while we were wondering what the heck he was doing.

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