Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I know it's been forever since I posted more than random stories and antics that I have been up to so I thought I'd post an actual update on what I'm doing and what's going on. Shocking thought I know.

Ok so this weekend I played hookey and hit the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica for an extended weekend. My cohorts and I took the public bus (aka no AC, no bathroom and holding your stuff so it doesn't get stolen) for 5 hours with 1 pit stop. A little brutal but nothing we couldn't handle. The we stayed at my first ever hostel. The first night we stayed in tents. HOT. Let me tell you. Lauren and I were so desperate for ventilation we took the rainfly off and of course we had one of the tents where the top is completely mesh without the rainfly so we got to wake up to some male spectators in the morning. Totally worth it, I think we may have suffocated otherwise. Day 3 we met up with the rest of the group and checked into our hotel. Better right? Wrong. Our room flooded and left a good majority of my stuff wet including my travel journal and my camera (which after a scare still works). Word from the manager? "It happens" Welcome to Costa Rica.

It was a good weekend though. Sushi. Crepes. 15 mile bike ride through the rainforest. Learning that I don't like the beach. Sand, lots of sand. Mosquitoes. Conversations in hammocks. Relaxing and soaking up my last week. =)

Also when we got home on Sunday we taught our host family to play Spoons. Mind you now that I had to try to explain the rules in Spanish after not having spoken much Spanish for a good 5 days...yeah... Let's just say I accidentally started off by telling them that we play with knives. It did get better though and they understood after about 1 round. Except for Zorida, our host mom. She cracked me up. It took her like 7 rounds to completely understand the rules and even then she was still cheating and picking up more than 1 card at a time but we just ignored it. She was laughing so hard by the end that she was coughing and everyone had a blast.

Like I said this is my last week here. My plane leaves on Friday and I will be moving me and my heavy suitcases to California for METS. I'm sad and excited all at the same time. Oh Dr. Pepper, how I miss you and welcome your return to mi vida...

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