Saturday, May 16, 2009

Greetings From The Airport!

Ok so I'm currently between flights 2 and 3. I want nothing more than to stretch out on the floor and sleep. For those who don't know, the day started at 3:30am with my alarm going off telling me to get out of bed (after all of a 4 hour nap mind you). Then I get to the Indy airport at 4:15 and learn that United's ticket counter doesn't open till 4:35. Awesome. So I chill. Finally get all checked in after the self check in thing yells at me and so I call the person and he looks at me like I'm stupid and then it does the same thing to him and he finally checks me in. Like I said in my last post I packed 2 bags and I wasn't really sure that I was under 50lbs. The verdict? Bag 1 (the smaller one): 38lbs yay! Bag 2: 47.5lbs! I win! Note to self: NOTHING else better go in that bag on the way back.

Oh let me take a minute to rant. In Chicago I saw I family with their child still straped in to one of those umbrella strollers on the escalator! What? No. You don't do that. Stop being lazy and endangering your child and take them out of the stroller like you are suppose to or find an elevator. End rant.

Ok I'm going to continue to burn my mouth with the buffalo chicken pizza that was suppose to be cheese that I got from the rude people at Pizza Hut and am therefore proceeding to eat because I don't want to deal with them again. I'm also watching the season finale of Greys ;) I still have one more 5 hour flight that will put me in Costa Rica at around 8pm Indy time (16 hours after I began this little adventure).

Be looking for a post in a couple days or so once I've settled. (Unless of course something epic happens and then I will post it right away).

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  1. Wow! sounds like you're taking everything in stride :)

    i got your thank you note today and it was lovely! you print handwriting is so neat and tiny!

    I am thinking of you :)