Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mi Familia Tica

Costa Ricans are called Ticos. I don't really know what the word means or where it came from and to me it sounds like it should be the latest breakfast cereal but there you have it. I really like my host family hence the dedication of an entire post about them. I shall begin by introducing them…

Carlos mayor=> my papá Tica. He is a very cool guy. Not cool in like the macho, suave, cool but more in the cute, slightly dorky old man cool. He is a retired elementary school teacher/ taxi driver. He is super sweet and patient and likes to talk to us. He is trying to learn more English that he can use for his job and his accent is really cute and he likes to try his new phrases out on us to make sure they are right and that we can understand him(tonight it was "you need help?") He is one of 12 children!

Zorida=> my mamá Tica. She is sooo cute and sweet with a hint of craziness. She loves to sit and talk to us about any and everything. She is also a great cook and I'm pretty sure she's determined for us to try everything she know how to cook which is perfectly fine with me. She is also a very healthy cook which is great cause I tend to eat a lot and I could easily get into trouble. She also loves to play Rumi (the kind with the tiles) and has already taught Lauren and I how to play.

Daniel=> One of my "hermanos or brothers". He is 20 and yes he's pretty cute for you ladies who are wondering ;) He is in college right now studying computer something or other that I can barely understand in English let alone Spanish. We don't see him very much because he is usually in class or studying or helping his dad take care of his grandparents. He did hang out with us last week and played his guitar for us. He plays really well and is an AWESOME painter/ sketch artist but you wouldn't know that by asking him because he's very humble about it.

Carlos menor=> This is the oldest son who is currently in China. Yeah that's pretty much all I know.

Rachel=> Daughter/ middle child. She is married and is currently going to a bible college in Arkansas to study to be a missionary. Que lindo!
Lauren=> The other study abroad student. She just graduated from Oklahoma State and is on her way to U Kentucky for grad school. We get along great and have already had quite a few adventures here in San Jose!

This is mi familia for the next 4 weeks. They are all very warm and welcoming and I have enjoyed getting to know them so far. Another cool thing is that they are all really strong Christians and you can tell that family and faith are really important to them and I've enjoyed getting to talk to them about this as well. Love it!

My House!

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