Monday, May 25, 2009

Life Lessons

So since I'm not quite in the mood to do homework I thought I'd share some highly important lessons that I have been learning as I explore the fine Costa Rica culture.

1. Don't take pictures in a grocery store. Especially if your camera happens to be located in a backpack. They will think you are stealing things and proceed to follow you around for the remaining 30 minutes of your shopping even though you just wanted a picture of the Frosted Flakes box.

2. Blow driers can be dangerous. Not once, but twice now have blow dryers attacked the unsuspecting head of my poor companera. Hehe and I took pictures :) For the full story check out her blog

3. Don't do anything stupid while there is a camera around. Especially if I happen to be the owner of that camera because I will take pictures of you and then post them on my blog. (sorry Lauren)

4. Harnesses are not only uncomfortable for men.

5. The word rappel may be similar in English and Spanish but they do NOT mean the same thing. In English it means to descend slowly usually by pushing off something. In Spanish it APPARENTLY means falling straight down very fast all while I scream and cuss. I was also voted best reaction to this little adventure. ::Takes a bow::

6. If you are at a pool party and drunk, please do not attempt to dance on the poolside bar as it has electricity and you WILL get electrocuted and have to be physically pulled down.

7. The word for panties in Spanish (at least for our 50+ host mom) is bloomers. I was immature and giggled, it's ok you can too.

No, but I had a great time getting to explore the cloud forest this weekend. I only saw one monkey but I am assured that in a couple weeks when we visit a different part of the forest that I will get to see more animals :) I walked for hours (in the shade!) which was awesome because I love walking and got to zip line through a lot of the parts of the forest. That was pretty darn cool. Here is the view from part of the trail that I walked. Check out more of my pictures on facebook (should be up in the next couple days).

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