Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pura Vida!

Hola! Ok I thought I'd update you all since I've disappeared for the last few days. I'll just briefly describe what I've been doing. I'll use another post to describe my host family in a day or so.

Day 1: My family forgot to pick me up (of course) and so I got to hang out with the program director and the bus driver for like half an hour outside the school while they kept calling my host family to come and get me. But they eventually did, no worries. Got home, ate cookies, waited for my roomate to show up as I tried not to fall asleep since I had been awake for about 22 hours at that point.
This is my roommate Lauren!
I have my own room! Here are some pictures of it.
The window is really cool because it's not actually to outside. There is a little patio thing between my room and the other part of the house and there are plants on it so it's pretty cool. Most of the windows in the house that I've seen are like that.

Day 2: Orientation and rain. Pretty much sums up the whole day. It rains a lot here. They are in the transition from the dry season (summer) to the rainy season (winter). I of course forgot my umbrella but my host mom is letting me borrow one so I don't have to buy one. We also got to go to church with the family. It was really cool. It was a non-denomination( or interdenominational, idk the difference) church so pretty much what I'm used to. I actually understood most of the sermon and the prayers, so that was pretty exciting. We got there a little late though so I only got to hear part of one song, que triste.

Day 3: Class and Orientation. I'm taking Phonetics and Phonology and Advanced Oral and Written Composition. They seem like they will be more intense then most classes I have taken abroad but I think it will be fine. The hard part will really be sitting in class for 3 hours at a time. On that note let's take a minute to admire my schedule.

Monday: Class 8am-2pm
Tuesday: Weekly meeting at 12pm, Class 2-5pm
Wednesday: Class 11am-2pm
Thursday: Class 11am-5pm
Friday: (drum roll please…) NO CLASS!!!!
I like it.

Ok so I've been having some internet issues which is why I haven't been online. My house has wireless but they forgot the password so they are trying to get ahold of their son in China to see if he remembers. Meanwhile I could connect using a cord (while I sit in the middle of the living room because they only have a really short cord) but yesterday their internet went out and so a guy from the phone company is here trying to fix it as I type and I haven't had anytime at school to get online either… I JUST GOT WIRELESS IN THE HOUSE!!!! All hail the phone guy!!!

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