Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why do these things happen to me!?!

Ok so I promised to write immediately if anything epic happened. So even though I am sick and sleep deprived, I couldn't not post this before heading to bed. The following is what occurs when Helena encounters a very large and unpleasent spider in her room while innocently sitting and doing her homework: (Sorry the video is sideways. You don't think abot these things when you are filming. Just tilt your head to the side, it's fine.)

I would like to thank mi amiga Lauren for capturing this moment on video and for her excellent narration and background giggles :)

Here are some other pictures that were taken. Seriously the spider was nasty and wicked fast. You would have reacted the same way if you were me. Ok maybe not.
P.S. I wasn't hiding in the 3rd pic I was moving the bed cause the little turd ran under my bed.

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